Litter RTW

Driven by the idea of re-using previous collections and existing resources and giving them a new context, the collection translates the concept of ‘Litter’ into re-purposing. SCHUELLER DE WAAL re-purposes their body of work into a range of one-size-fits-all and multifunctional cleaning uniforms through various design principles and processes:

The ‘Toile ‘De-Luxe’’ .The idea of using all resources of a development process is reflected in our toiles finding their place as 'real' pieces in our collections.

The ‘Invaded T’s’, deconstructing dead-stock t-shirts and adding a range of SDW signature sleeves from shirting leftovers.

The ‘Litter Uniform’ Shirts utilising shirting leftovers to construct a timeless uniform.

The ‘Mutilitarian’ Uniform Pants customising deadstock workwear with signature SDW utilitarian details.

The Waste-ink ‘Litter Uniform’ Shirt ,Tunic &‘Inkwipe Scarf’ Slipdress.

The textiles have been developed in collab with Aliki van der Kruijs as part of her project Afterseason exploring the potential of waste-ink of the fashion industry.

‘The Last Meter Capes’, literally turning the last meter of a fabric into garment by adding a shirt collar.

See also: 'Litter'


Art Direction:
Lonneke van der Palen
Jules ten Velde, Emma Tornsteinrud, Irene Ha, Annan Yap, Aliet Moes, Lauren Raaijmakers, Gijs Visser,Ferdinand Schmeits, Gigi Tuerk