Guilty Pleasures

"The woman depicted has it made, but is drawing in luxury and boredom. She surrenders to guilty pleasures. Instead of organic rye she eats industrial white bread and falls asleep on the couch. It's our statement about the fakeness in fashion. Things can be down to earth and still qualify as luxury. So we had Soekie photographed in the garden wearing Dior jewellery, but with dirt under her French manicure. We made her pose with a milk moustache and hide under a paper handkerchief - the exasperated woman hiding from the world" - Philipp Schueller and Rens de Waal, MIRROR MIRROR Magazine Issue #4


Wendelien Daan @Eric Hennebert
Mary- Lou Berkulin
Kathinka Gernant @UNSPOKEN for Chanel
Hester Wernert- Rijn @UNSPOKEN
Soekie @Paparazzi Model Management
Photography Assistant:
Ramazan Barlas
Nail Art:
Fréderique Olthuis @House of Orange
All looks by
Schueller de Waal