Resort 2018

‘LET’S STAY IN BED FOR THIS SEASON’ is the follow-up on SCHUELLER DE WAAL’S ‘SOME SORT OF RESORT’ concept, a humorous take on the difficulties independent designers encounter trying to keep up with fashion’s ever so fast changing seasons. This time the duo expresses its vision of one look per collection via a compact range of jumpsuits aiming to dream away to brighter destinations. The collection incorporates a one-size workwear inspired jumpsuit interpreted in six ways. The star of the ‘LET’S STAY IN BED FOR THIS SEASON’ campaign is artist BEA1991. Portrayed as ‘YELLOW SUN’, she’s symbolising the hope of the design duo to dream away in positivity and evoke the feeling of the worlds brightest locations through idealistic, autonomous design. SDW believe in the strength of a visually outspoken but functional wardrobe and offer a range of jumpsuits which guarantees you to be ‘always dressed for the occasion’.

‘SOME SORT OF’ expresses the labels tongue-in-cheek connotation towards the fast pace of fashion. Nevertheless by detaching a ‘RESORT’ collection from its predefined launch time, the label underlines their belief in collections between seasons with a focus on a specific product.


Art Direction:
Lonneke van der Palen
Hair & Make-Up:
David Koppelaar